As always, use your own discretion with all advice here. Am I just missing where to go for these? I have no problem believing you have the Killer Wireless-N in your laptop, it’s just not what you thought it was before you bought it. You can find the latest Killer Control Center here: We want your Killer Wireless adapter to be the most reliable part of your Wi-Fi connection, so we have put together the steps that you can take, when you are encountering Wi-Fi drops, that are most likely to resolve the issue. Unlike the other package, this release uses a regular installer, and does not go through the Windows Store.

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Keep all communication public, on the subreddit. This version will install on versions of Windows 10 that are older than version April Updatebut many things will not function well. If you are unable to install this version, please try installing version 1.

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Wireless xTend, a new feature of ours, is only compatible with theand will only appear if you use the UWD installer and have a installed. But maybe they’re just lowering wierless-n support for it even further.

This packages seems to be only available for Windows. I recommend replacing the card with a nice Intel Wireless card, and then pounding the card a couple of times with a hammer for good measure before throwing it away.


Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N 1202

We have developed a tool to make this very simple. The included driver for the Killer Wireless-AC is not known to be problematic, but our other package includes a more recent driver for this device. Post as a guest Name. Installing and Updating Last Updated: It includes many fixes and improvements that are not be included in other packages.

Once your machine finds no updates, restart again, and then check for updates once more. After you have installed the latest Killer Control Center, if the router still fails to detect the Killer adapters, kille may need to unplug the router for ten seconds, then plug it back in.

Am I just missing where to go for these? If you have performed the above, and you are still experiencing issues with slow network speeds, there are some other things to try:. With Windows 10, all Ad-Hoc and Hotspot functionality has been officially moved away from the drivers, and into the operating system itself. I guess it’s a good enough answer, although not really answering the specific question how to find it out.


The important thing here is removing the conflation between product and chipset. Please note that the UWD installer is fully compatible with the E, E, E, Killer Wireless-AC 12202,and i adapters, as well as all of our forthcoming adapters in and beyond. The wifi card on it is supposed to be a Killer wireless N but a a simple sudo lshw -C network gives me.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. This is our previous release, which was well tested and troublefree on Windows builds Fall Creator’s Update and April Update.


You can download the.

Check out our Knowledge Baseall guides are compiled by our Trusted Techs. All currently supported Killer Networking adapter users who are using Windows 10 version April Updateexcept those using Wireless-N adapters. These are legacy devices that are no longer supported, and no longer receive driver updates. Sign up using Facebook. Do not compare or recommend products. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Frequently Asked Questions Last Updated: For our guide on loading.

If you are experiencing slow Internet or network speeds, you can follow this troubleshooting guide to address and correct the most common problems. They’re frustrating, and they seem to happen at the worst, most annoying times, but with all of the different technology that has to come together to work correctly, it’s surprising that Wi-Fi is generally very reliable!

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I guess killer is back as its own brand? Blog spam, link spam, referral spam, joke posts and responses, memes, novelty accounts, trolling, unethical behavior, and personal insults will not be tolerated.

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