Several times I used it, Windows crashed halfway through the evening. Perhaps the magic is suitable for you then. This will give you an undesired empty show step. Tell us about it. Page 32 Magic Section You can actually get the Magic to do fixtures larger then 16 channels, it just isn’t fun. You can then turn DATA wheel 3 clockwise to manually advance theshow step and counter clockwise to go back to a desired show step.

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What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Block When you block a person, they can no longer invite you elatino a private message or post to your profile wall. However it is really geared towards say par cans and moving heads and scanners but will support LED fixtures. If you are going to controlanother manufactures product, you have one of two choices. Up to 24 fixtures, with a maximum of 16 DMX channels each can be controlled via Magic Manage Follow Preferences Loading One option is to use a generic fixture profile elaion available in the existing library.


Elation Professional MAGIC : – Elation User Manual stereo amplifier MAGIC

Because the Magic utilizes fixture profiles, you can set your DMX addresses based on the Channel setting usv Patch Fixture option. Magic knows the exact number of DMX channels that a fixture occupies becausethis information is set when the profile is created. Hope this helps you. What are your exact needs?

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My suggestion is that for the money, you could do much better with MyDMX and a really small netbook. Press DATA wheel 4 when youwant the show to resume automatic playback. Elation Professional products are designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of United Statesand International safety regulations.

Page 34 Magic Section It has certain software on it. Don’t see a manual you are looking for?

During the transfer, your controllers display will read thefollowing: Page 23 Magic Section 1 8: Magic Section 1 8: You simple mabic the fixture across two fixture buttons instead of one. Thanks for all your help.

Page 16 Magic Section Your display should read as follows: Magic includes an on board helpbutton that offers step by step instructions on programming scenes and shows in both English andSpanish.


Proceed to step Magic Section 1 6: Page 19 Magic Section Your manual failed to upload The FADE fader is used during show playback. A Send window will pop up.

Page 33 Magic Section Page 15 Magic Section Your display should read the following: Keep this manual with the unit for possible future reference. I want something I can fully rely on and not have to worry about.

Be sure to follow the flow chart in the exact order described to insureproper elatiin, programming and playback procedures. You can alsodownload these files from the Magic webpage on our website at www.